Jexodus is fully committed to combating the mainstreaming of anti-Semitism.  In Jexodus’s assessment, a critical element in that fight is the adoption of, and agreement around, a standard definition of the term “anti-Semitism.”  That standard is the full working definition developed by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).  The US Department of State has adopted the IHRA definition, along with the State of Israel and at least fifteen other countries.

Jexodus has developed materials useful in promoting adoption of that standard definition.  Jexodus recognizes as an ally in this effort any organization, institution, corporation, agency, legislature, or other public or private body considering adoption of the standard IHRA definition, as well as any advocacy group, consultancy, company, publication, or individual seeking to promote the IHRA definition.  Jexodus further recognizes that many allies will want to tailor the language of Jexodus’s materials to meets the needs of specific purposes, charters, or tastes.

Jexodus retains copyright to all of the materials it has developed, but is pleased to offer a minimally restrictive license to any and all allies.  Specifically, Jexodus agrees to license any and all copyrightable text on its website under a Modified Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) License.  The Modifications to CC BY-SA 4.0 are as follows:

M1. Notwithstanding any provisions, clauses, language, or representations of CC BY-SA 4.0 to the contrary, Licensee agrees to adopt the full IHRA Working Definition of Anti-Semitism, without modification, including all of the IHRA’s illustrative examples of anti-Semitism as adopted in Bucharest on 26 May 2016.  Failure to comply with this provision at any point nullifies all licensed rights and renders unauthorized and infringing all consequent use of any materials otherwise covered by this license.

M2. Licensee agrees to fulfill the attribution requirement of CC BY-SA 4.0 § 3(A) with the following notice:

Copied from or derivative of original materials on [insert URL containing original materials], as viewed on [date of access], © Jexodus, 2019,, licensed under a Modified CC BY-SA 4.0 license, as modified at All disclaimers of warranties and limitations of liability in CC BY-SA 4.0 apply.

Notices appearing on line must include links to the specified URLs.  Notices appearing in print, or under circumstances in which hyperlinks are either technologically infeasible or prohibited by law must spell out the URLs.

M3. Should any legal dispute arise concerning the use of Jexodus’s copyrighted materials, for any reason, Licensee agrees to adjudication in a court of competent jurisdiction located in New York City and subject to the laws of New York State.

To Obtain A License:

The American Restoration Institute (ARI) hereby grants a license, on the above terms, to any potential licensee who provides a legal name, individual contact, e-mail address, and telephone numbers via e-mail to

Jexodus is a trade name of The American Restoration Institute.