The Jexodus Resolution

The Jexodus Resolution

WHEREAS, anti-Semitism has proven to be history’s most pervasive, consistent, pernicious, destructive, and deadly form of bigotry and hatred; and

WHEREAS, law-enforcement data corroborate that Jews in America are far more frequently victimized by hate-crimes than all other religious minorities combined; and

WHEREAS, the United States of America has recently witnessed an outbreak of deadly anti-Semitic violence; and

WHEREAS, anti-Semites have long dehumanized and demonized Jews in word and in image; and

WHEREAS, anti-Semites invariably justify, excuse, and rationalize their hatred and violence through claims of alleged grievances, all contrived, many fabricated, and all defamatory; and

WHEREAS, anti-Semitism today hides increasingly behind irrational fabrications, double-standards, and other anti-Israel slanders and blood-libels, couched disingenuously as “legitimate criticism of Israel”; and

WHEREAS, such demonstrably illegitimate criticism of Israel, including intentionally inflammatory claims of apartheid and genocide and international Jewish or Zionist influence and control, has become part of the national discourse and is engendering dangerous anti-Semitic attitudes in the media, in academia, and in politics; and

WHEREAS, the United States Department of State has adopted a working definition of anti-Semitism (the “Working Definition”) intended to distinguish dangerous anti-Semitic rhetoric from legitimate discourse; and

WHEREAS, candidates embracing anti-Israel and anti-Semitic libels, agendas, affiliations, and associations that clearly meet the standards set forth in the “Working Definition” are now running for public office on major party lines; and

WHEREAS, the Republican/Democratic Party is deeply concerned by the growing acceptability of such anti-Semitic individuals and groups, and understands that some anti-Semitic individuals and groups nevertheless express support for, and at times claim affiliation with, the Republican/Democratic Party

IT IS, THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Republican/Democratic Party will continue to do all within its power to reject any and all individuals attempting to run as Republicans/Democrats who demonstrate a history of anti-Semitic rhetoric, political positions, associations, and affiliations as defined by the “Working Definition”;


IT IS, THEREFORE FURTHER RESOLVED that the Republican/Democratic Party will condemn and consider not a legitimate Republican/Democrat any such individual who, despite the Party’s efforts, secures a place on the Republican/Democrat line, and will, in the event such a candidate emerges, publicly name and condemn the candidate, refuse support of any kind for their candidacy, and publicly urge all Republicans/Democrats not to support or vote for that candidate.

Jexodus supports those who genuinely want to fight anti-Semitism as defined by the IHRA. Want to adopt the Jexodus Resolution for your own organization? Jexodus offers a free license here.

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